Gold triangle outline earrings.
Short hair, leopard, fold over clutch with detachable chain strap.
Cute leopard shoulder bag with extra foldable tote included!
16" blue crystal beaded necklace with attached coin pendant.
17" blue crystal beaded lariat necklace with arrowhead pendant. Lariat with arrowhead pendant hangs 10"
15" double strand cold coin lariat necklace. Lariat hangs 12"
White "stone" beaded 17" layering necklace. 
15" earth tone, stone layering necklace
20" turquoise single layer, beaded necklace. Attached emblem with patina.
13" miniature white "stone" layering choker.
13" turquoise beaded layering choker.
16" grey crystal beaded choker with lariat. Attached coin pendant. Lariat hangs 10".
15" double layered beaded necklace with attached coin pendant. Available in two color bead embellishments: Grey or White. 
18" thin gold chain necklace with star pendant.